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2016 Mens Fashion Trends

It’s important for modern men to be updated with the latest fashion trends if they want to be at the center of women’s attention. If you don’t want to fall behind fashionwise and you want to be admired by all women, read the following lines to find out which are the latest trends of 2016’s men fashion.

Bomber jackets

Old trends make a comeback this year when it comes to men’s jackets, and the bomber jacket is the choice to go with. If you channel the bomber jacket trend with the variety of new colors and materials that are available for them, you’ll definitely catch everyone’s eyes when you get out of the house. In case that you want to go with a more classic look, you can dress up with bomber jackets that are colored in dark hues. These color tones might be a classic choice, but they go well with any attire that you put together.

Novelty sweaters

The best parts of wearing novelty sweaters are that they can be personalized according to your tastes, they’re a great addition to any casual attire, and they have a laid back feel. Novelty sweaters are one of the few clothes that can truly reflect your personality. Depending on the season, you can choose novelty sweaters that have themes according to it to create a playful look. When it comes to the colors that you can go with for the sweater, you have a lot of freedom as well. To pop out of a crowd, go with a light background for the sweater and with darker tones of the same color for the drawings and patterns.

Floral prints

In the past, floral prints on clothes seemed like a tacky choice even for a trip to Hawaii. But in 2016, they are a trend for all pieces of clothing. Therefore, if you want to show that you’re fashion savvy, dress in pants, shirts, or jackets that have floral prints on them. The floral prints trend is an especially great choice for the spring and summer of 2016. Don’t be afraid to wear shirts with floral prints even when you’re wearing a suit. Your bold choice will make you the talk of the office in a good way for sure.

Shawl neck cardigans

When the colder months of 2016 come, make sure to have as many shawl neck cardigans in your closet as possible. If you wear shawl neck cardigans you will keep up with the latest trends in fashion while keeping warm as well. For men who prefer the casual attire of combining a comfortable pair of jeans with a simple t-shirt, the addition of a shawl neck will turn the whole look around. They give character and add seriousness to the most simple of attires. The serious look that shawl necks give goes perfectly as a dinner or movie date choice as well.