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Beach wedding – groom attire ideas


If you think that choosing your suit as a groom is a difficult task, then you cannot be more mistaken. There are so many people willing to help you, the only thing you have to do is to try some options they suggest, and see which one of them looks better on you. And if you plan to have a beach wedding, then you can relax, because you have the possibility to stay comfortable while looking amazing on the most important day of your life. If you need some help in deciding what to wear on your wedding day, then you should follow some tips. It does not matter if you are looking for wedding suit hire Leicester or you want to purchase a new suit, you should read the following lines, because they will help you have a clear idea on how you should look.

Jeans and tie

If you want to be casual, then you can opt for a pair of jeans, a buttoned-up shirt and a tie. The model of the tie is up to you, but it is advisable to choose a simple model. You will look a little dressed up but you will not have the feeling that you are not properly dressed for the occasion.

Bow ties and hats

If your wedding takes place during day, then you have to be prepared for the sun to shine bright during your ceremony. This means that you should consider wearing a hat if you want to see your bride and not squint at her. A great way to complement your hat is to choose a bow tie that features the same pattern or colour as the hat.

Light grey suits

A big trend when it comes to beach weddings is to wear a grey suit. It is a great compromise between the relaxed pair of jeans and shirt and the classic black suit. It is a light colour that complements every skin shade, so you should try one before you decide on an outfit.

Hawaiian inspiration

It does not mater if you are getting married on a beach in Hawaii or in your hometown, you can look for inspiration in the outfits the grooms from Hawaii wear. It is a simple outfit to pull together, you can wear a pair of khaki or white pants, a coloured shirt and accessorise the look with a maile lei. Make sure your bride opts for a Hawaiian look if you want to look amazing together.