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Explore the Connotations of Dragonfly Tattoos

Dragonflies can be depicted in a variety of styles, motifs and contexts, using a multitude of colors, which means they score a big plus in terms of versatility and adaptability. The same applies for dragonfly tattoo placement options, which include but aren’t limited to the ankles, lower back, waistline, shoulders or wrists. The only limitations to the possibilities behind dragonfly tattoos are decided by your own imagination and the skill of the tattoo artist.

Although dragonfly tattoos are inherently enticing and captivating, there is nothing wrong with exploring the deeper meanings behind them as further reference for your tattoo design, considering more knowledge can be easily translated into a broader spectrum of creative possibilities. Dragonfly tattoos draw most of their symbolism from ancient beliefs, as well as myths and legends born in different corners of the world. In Native American culture, the dragonfly represented a totemic motif capable of storing and channeling great spiritual power used to provide people with spiritual guidance. In the cradle of this culture, the dragonfly was envisioned as the personification of wisdom and transition, capable of adjoining the dream world with our known reality.

In many ancient civilizations, the dragonfly was honored and idolized for its intriguing ability to emerge into a completely distinctive creature at a certain point of its life stage. This process of metamorphosis was the main source of inspiration for many of the world’s ancient beliefs, standing out as the metaphoric expression for man’s spiritual evolution and transition into another existence. This is a great concept to exploit in your dragonfly tattoo, so don’t hesitate to present it to your tattoo artist to have it transposed into a suitable, illustrative design.

The notion of metamorphosis can also be used to express the idea of closure for a chapter in your life and the embracement of something new, or your evolution as an individual. Dragonfly tattoos can also be synonymous to the concepts of freedom, volatility, unsteadiness and expansion.

In ancient Japanese culture, the dragonfly symbolized the ideas of protection and good fortune, which means you can also think of dragonfly tattoos as being talismans. Despite its fragility, this magnificent creature is renowned to be quite tough and is praised for its amazing agility and speed.

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