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Next Fall’s Tendencies for Men Apparel

When it comes to fashion, a lot of people think that men are more disadvantaged than women. In spite of being a common idea, this is actually a misconception. Men apparel is extremely popular with designers and other specialists of the industry, so if you are a man who pays a lot of attention to his looks, rest assured knowing that you have numberless possibilities. Only recently, the most famous designers have launched the new collections for the upcoming cold season and things look pretty great! While some tendencies have remained the same, there are also a lot of new trends you need to know about. But do not worry, because this autumn you can get the perfect style if you follow a set of simple rules. All you have to do is be informed about the main tendencies and purchase some key pieces of clothing. Here are the most important guidelines you need to keep in mind:

Sporty yet chic

Yes, the sports-inspired trend is still on next season too, not only for women but also for men. This means that you can keep some of your old items from your wardrobe safe and sound because you will definitely need them. However, you could try to acquire some new stuff, so if you are planning to invest in some good pieces, our advice is to check the collections of brands such as 10 Deep. Their products are not only stylish and qualitative, but also very affordable, which means that it will not cost you a fortune to insert a new dose of fashion in your day to day outfits.

New fabric combinations

While the sporty style is still rocking the runways and also the streets, there is, however, an element of novelty: fabric combinations. Designers have been trying to go the extra mile in terms of fashion barriers and took materials normally associated with formal apparel and put them in unusual designs: peaceful, simple, comfortable and even slouchy. For example, herringbone tweeds can be easily matched with delicate silk scarves for an effortless yet chic result. As you can see, any mix is now allowed, so get inspired and make sure you take your fashion experience to a new level.

All the plaid patterns

Believe it or not, the extremely versatile trend of plaid prints has moved from women apparel to men, in an instant! And actually, there is no wonder given the huge level of popularity it has enjoyed in the past seasons. From checked coats to tartan and gingham shirts, or window pane trousers, these have taken over the runway and will definitely do the same with worldwide streets, in the upcoming autumn.

Bright colors

Yes, the weather is mostly grey on fall and yes, bright colors are said to be exclusively for women! Well, not anymore. Fashion designers have brought to public attention the fact that men can wear hues like pink or red for years, and it seems that this tendency is on top this next autumn.