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Scars – How Do They Appear and How to Eliminate Them?

Skin is the largest organ of the human body and as much as you try to protect it, it will immediately show signs every time the organism is going through changes. Dark circles, wrinkles and also scars are only some of the most common indices showing that the body has suffered an important modification. Any burn, trauma, injury and even a stroke can affect the skin, leaving lifetime signs. Sometimes, scars are the result of a surgical intervention. If they are small or located on hidden parts of the body, these marks may not be an important problem. However, if you are struggling with acne scars on the face or other large signs, then you may want to try a treatment that can help you get rid or at least diminish them. Fortunately, there are many clinics offering dedicated services of scar reduction Toronto, so your worries can come to an end. Professional technicians will definitely help you, but before making an appointment you should read this article and inform yourself about the topic.

How does the skin get scarred?

No matter what type of injury or wound you have suffered, you need to know that scarring is part of the healing process. The signs may be disturbing and unaesthetic, but they are completely natural and even healthy. If you are bothered by these marks and you want to seek professional treatment, you need to know that the solutions vary depending on multiple factors. Among these, the depth, size, and location of the previous wound or cut are definite criteria based on which the expert will prescribe you a treatment. In addition to this, your type of skin, genes, sex, the level of pigmentation and even ethnicity are also quite relevant not only for how the skin reacts to trauma but also in the process of selecting the right cure.

Which are the most common types of scars?

Scars vary depending on many factors and it is relevant for you to know that there are multiple types of such marks. Keloid scars, for instance, are the ones resulting from an aggressive healing process and are generally larger than the original wound. These are quite serious signs that can be eliminated through surgery, steroid insertion or silicone injections. Most of the times, people with dark skin are prone to this kind of marks. Another popular category of scars is the one called “contractures”, which appear after the skin has been burnt. Their name is due to the fact that they are tightening the complexion, reducing flexibility and ability to move. They can also affect deeper tissues, such as muscles or even nerves. Hypertrophic scars are similar to the first type, except they have the same size as the initial wound and they can be treated with injections of steroids, aimed to flatten the skin and reduce inflammation. Acne scars are probably some of the most popular ones and can also be divided to several categories.