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Simple Nail Designs that Anyone Can Make

You can’t have the perfect look without having pretty nails. But not all women have the time to go to a salon to get their nails done, and they don’t know how to make elaborate nail designs on their own either. If you want to have the perfect manicure, but you’re not an expert on the matter, read the following lines to learn how to make some simple nail designs.

Splatter paint nails

Splatter paint designs for nails look extremely playful. The splatter paint design is the best choice for your nails if you are going to dress in lively colors, or if it’s summer and you’re going to the beach. The design is long lasting and it’s extremely easy to make as well. First you have to polish your nails with a white or nude polish as the base coat. When the polish has dried off, cover the area around the nails with tape. Afterward, use straws to splatter the colors of nail polishes that you chose on your nails. Wait for them to dry off and take the tapes around the nails off. If you splattered polish around your nails, take a cotton swab that you dipped in acetone and clean the polish off with it.


Dots on nails are incredibly simple to make and the final result will give you a playful look. If you are afraid that you might get shaky and ruin the dots, use a bobby pin for this manicure. To make the dot nail design, first you have to apply a base coat of polish. You can choose whatever color you like, therefore, you’re not obliged to use white or nude polish for it. After the base coat of polish has completely dried off, you can proceed to make the small dots. All you have to do is to dip the round part of the bobby pin in the paint. After doing it you can start dotting the nails in a pattern of your choice. When it comes to the color of the dots, you can either go with the same color for all of them or you can alternate 2-3 colors for the dots to make a more elaborate design.

Simple stripes

Simple stripes on nails look very chic and they are extremely easy to make. As with the nail designs that we talked about before, you first have to apply a base color to your nails. For the simple stripes, it’s preferable to go with white to create a bigger impact. When the base color of polish has dried off, it’s time to put thin strips of tape on the nails from place to place. Afterward, apply a second coat of polish on the nails with the color of your choice. If you’re looking to make an impression and you want your nails to pop out, go with black or red for the second coat. When the second coat of polish has dried off completely, remove the stripes of tape off of your nails.