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Six Fashion Rules You Should Break As Soon As Possible!

If you have ever found yourself sick of being told what you should and should not do when it comes to fashion and clothing…well, let’s say you’re not in the minority! Fashion guidelines have existed since hundreds of years and in spite of how energetically some people deny it, the wide majority of adults are always following a good number of them.

Which of course is not nearly the end of the world, but if there is any point at which you find you’re going against your own judgment and taste simply because a “rule” says so, this is really a shame. Indeed, the professionals argue that to go against a number of longstanding guidelines and rules will make significantly more sense than following them.

Just to help illustrate the idea more clearly, here is a short overview of six tenacious fashion rules you should want to start breaking right now:

1 – Never Let Your Bra Show

There is some truth and good advice in this specific rule, but only if it refers to the kind of bra that should not be shown in any shape, way or form. To the contrary, if you were to possess a gorgeously beautiful piece of perfect elegance and taste, it could be really effective to either wear it under a sheer top, or maybe a sweater with a couple of buttons undone, just to give the world a tiny glimpse at the pretty middle. You should never fall into the trap of believing that to show a bra is never a good idea.

2 – If You Want to Tuck Your Shirt In, You Have To Wear A Belt

No matter how much you love wearing belts, there’s just no denying the fact that in some cases they simply make your outfit appear a little on the cluttered side. The truth is that just as long as the trousers you wear fit you like a dream, there is nothing that says you should also wear a belt. Actually, doing so could strategically divert the attention to the other bits and pieces you wear, thus managing to present your outfit in a slightly different dynamic. This specific guideline obviously originated at the workplace and shouldn’t necessarily apply to the real world.

3 – You Can Show Your Legs or Your Cleavage, But Not Both

Precisely why and where this specific myth originated from we might never know, but it is at least some comfort to know the majority of people ignore it completely anyway. Without crossing the good taste barrier and getting completely carried away, there really are no rules when it comes to baring as much as you want. Nevertheless, if you consult the published online guidelines with the things you can and cannot do, you will most likely find this rule very close to the top of the list.

4 – Tall Women Should Not Wear High Heels

Another myth that is as old as the hills and that makes no sense at all, why on earth should not tall women wear their new fashion shoes? Some people say it is all about making sure you don’t find yourself intimidating men simply because of your height. Obviously, this is a terrible reason not to wear something you’d otherwise have chosen to wear. In fact, tall women look fantastic with high heels and don’t need to deny themselves because of some archaic presumptions.

5 – Short Women Should Not Wear Long Dresses

Again, this is a myth which undoubtedly influences and alters the way in which thousands of women around the country choose what clothing to buy and what to just long for. While it is true that long dresses can be somewhat on the bulky side and could make short women look actually shorter, long dresses that display the figure with perfect draping could in fact add some perceived height to the appearance.

6 – Always Dress For Your Body Type

Last up, there is one major flaw with this specific guideline which is the fact that it does not take into account your feelings. The rule book might tell you that you need to dress in a certain manner if you are curvy, petite, tall or whatever, but if you follow these rules, you might find yourself having absolutely no fun or joy from what you choose to wear. Instead, the rule to follow is to choose and wear the garments that you personally like, the clothes you want and the clothes that make you feel good.