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The Three Ingredients for a Feminine Look

Everyone wants to stay in trends, even if this means changing the overall style a bit or sometimes, adapting to a completely new one. Whatever the case might be, it is important to consider all facts about the world of fashion or as many of them as possible to be able to always put together a great looking outfit. Since women love fashion, designers in a large number have dedicated entire collections to their muses and came up with exceedingly feminine clothing pieces. However, for some unknown reason, in the real world, when a woman puts something of this kind on her, she doesn’t look as delicate as she thought she might. Sometimes, knowing a bit more about how to combine clothing pieces than being aware of a brand like Houses of Holland, a fabulous women clothing designer, is absolutely necessary. So, here are three facts that might help you in choosing the right clothing piece, preparing yourself for the moment in which you want to look delicate.

Always look for pattern

The pattern is given by the fabric, so when saying that you need to take a good look at the design a piece of clothing is carrying then you need to consider the material as well. For a feminine look, you need a soft and silky fabric, one that can impress you through its touch. As for the pattern, you can always go for a few flowers or maybe geometric lines, beautifully playing on the pattern. You can choose the fashionable polka dot or a fabric carrying a ribbon pattern. Options come in a large number, but as a suggestion, try to consider those alternatives that are delicate and sweet, nothing too daring. When the fabric and pattern are soft, there should be nothing stopping you from having a truly feminine look.

Choose the color wisely

An outfit can be considered a success or a disaster simply because of its color. If you want to adopt a feminine look, then always go for a delicate color. This way you will be safe. You can choose white, beige, dusty pink or blue, even a soft green. Red, electric blue and even burgundy can be extremely feminine colors and they can be beautifully worn in all sorts of events, but not every day. These are the big colors if you will.

Design: the key ingredient to the outfit

It is true that it just can’t get more feminine than a dress. Whether it is a highly elegant dress that follows the curves of your body or one that is meant for wearing during the daytime, this clothing piece will always be regarded as the symbol of women in fashion and in the world. However, you can still look extremely delicate wearing a pair of jeans and a top. The top needs to be soft and romantic, and the jeans not too tight. Being feminine means looking delicate, so avoid clothes that are too tight. Later on you can combine the same top with a lovely skirt as well.