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3 Yarn Fashion Projects that You Need to Try

Nowadays, it is very affordable for everybody to buy clothes and accessories. Due to globalization, we now have access to cheap and trendy fashion items. However, this situation can also cause some problems. First of all, there is the lack of quality. Secondly, cheap clothes take away our chance to be unique and creative. Nonetheless, if you have access to some bulk yarn and you have some basic craft skills, you can make your own clothes and accessories. In the following lines, we have gathered some yarn fashion ideas that will surely get everyone’s attention. Yarn is cheap, easy to work with, and it can be used in countless ways. Some of the projects presented bellow have medium difficulty, while others are so simple, that they could even be done by children. Without further ado, here are some wonderful projects that you can make with yarn:

1. Friendship bracelets

Most of us used to make friendship bracelets when we were little. They are incredibly easy to make, and as it turns out, they have made a major comeback in fashion. You can choose between countless patterns, from basic stripes to chevron or tribal patterns. You can also spice them up with gold chains or beads. Moreover, for a powerful fashion statement, wear several bracelets on each hand.

2. Knitted clothes

We could never survive winter without the comfort of soft and warm knitted sweaters. Knitting can seem complicated, but if you watch a few tutorials, you will see that it is fairly simple. Moreover, learning how to knit will give you the opportunity to make yourself some stylish, high quality clothes, with minimum costs. You can find quality bulk yarn online for any type of knitting project. Buying bulk yarn instead of retail yarn will save you a lot of money, and it will also motivate you to complete all your knitting projects, since you will have all that yarn in the house. The perfect yarns for winter clothes are wool and cashmere.

3. Crochet clothes and accessories

If knitting is the perfect choice for your winter clothes, then crochet is surely ideal for the summertime. Choose natural fibers such as cotton and cashmere if you want to make some lovely summer fashion pieces. You can find online tutorials for all types of crochet clothes and accessories, from swimwear to dresses, shawls and much more. If you need some inspiration, check out the 2017 spring summer collections. From Moschino to Balmain, most of the designers fell in love with crochet clothes this year, and you can expect this trend to last for many years.