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Boots are this autumn must - find your perfect pair

Autumn is the season of changes, and this means that a radical wardrobe change is waiting for you ahead. It does not mean that you have to change your wardrobe entirely, but some articles are a must, and you have to be sure that you include them on your bucket list. The temperatures are lower and lower, so you would have to change stilettos with a warm pair of boots. There are different models on the market, and every manufacturer tries to come with a new design. If you want to opt for trendy outfits this season, then you should take a look at the Dr Martens boots at Spartoo. Finding the perfect pair might be overwhelming, because you do not know if the pretty models from a certain online store are also high quality ones, or if you would feel comfortable wearing them. Here are some tips on how you should choose your perfect pair of boots.

Nothing is more important than the material

The first thing you have to look for is the material from which the boots you want are made. You have to be sure that it is a warm material, well cut, made and put together. Because you will wear the boots during autumn, you should opt for a material that would resist the bad weather. The only material that meets all these requirements is leather, and you should stick with it. When compared with any other type of material you would notice that leather is the only one that stands the test of weather and time. Leather is able to offer your feet protection, so do not think twice when it comes to material, because this is the perfect one.

Do you want a statement pair? Choose a bold colour

Technology allows manufacturers to use many colours when it comes to customising the pairs of boots. The most popular colours are black, brown, tan and white, but if you want to wear a trendy pair, then blue, purple or red should be your choice. The desire for beauty is inherent in any woman, so when choosing the pair of boots; you might want to take a look at the models preferred by celebrities. If you want to make a statement without choosing a bold colour, you can opt for a black pair with a broidery model.

Consider the length – find your perfect pair

This autumn the most popular lengths of boots seem to be ankle and knee ones, but if you consider that they are not appealing for your body type, then you can choose any other one. These two sizes would never go out of style, but the ankle-length models are considered more comfortable than the other ones, when you wear them with jeans or other type of pants.

Determine your show size

You should measure your feet and use the charts provided by online stores to determine your shoe size, because the sizes might differ from brand to brand, and model to model. Selecting the right boot size is a basic for feeling comfortable in your favourite pair of shoes.