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Clothing items every man should own

Every man wants to dress better, but in the majority of cases, they do not know where to start. Some men have very little clothing articles, while others purchase a ton, but they do not know how to mix and match them to look amazing. Well, in this case you need a piece of advice from a person who is specialized in building men’s wardrobe. Online you can find multiple guides that offer you information, so you only have to make time to read them.

White dress shirt

Every men should have in his wardrobe at least one dress shirt. The majority of them are made from herringbone twill or plain poplin weave, because they are durable and classic. You can match them with multiple outfits. If you choose a model with a medium spread collar, you will be able to wear it with multiple clothing items. You can find this type of clothing items in a store that offers haine second hand online de firma. If you want to wear it with formal outfits, then you should choose a model that does not feature chest pockets.

Navy worsted suit

Today businesspersons do not wear black suits anymore. If you have to wear a suit daily for your job, then you should opt for a charcoal or navy one. You should invest in a navy suit not too wide not too skinny, and make sure that it features flap pockets and side vents. Depending on your body shape, you will have to choose between cuffed or pleated pants. Make sure that you do not buy a model that is made from a lightweight fabric, because it wrinkles easily.

Tweed sport coat or trench coat

This is one of the most important clothing items, men should have in their wardrobe. It does not matter your age, this style is perfect for everyone, and it would match your suits perfectly. But if you do not like this item, then you can opt for a trench coat. It has classic history and it is a timeless clothing piece. It is a simple and elegant clothing item; you can pair with casual combinations or formal suits.


When it comes to sweaters, you need more than one in your wardrobe. Depending on your skin shade, you can choose the color of the sweater, but right now is in trend to wear bottle green. If you like to wear ties, then you should opt for a V-neck model. However, if you do not, then you can opt for a crew neck that looks amazing. It is the perfect item to have it under jackets, layer over shirts or wear it on its own. It will keep you warm in the winter so make sure you choose one made from a quality fabric. It is worth to spend more on this item, because quality ones do not pill as quickly as the cheaper models. If you want a soft model then you can go with a cashmere sweater.