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Cut down your clothing shopping addiction

Your shopping addiction can have great negative impact on your life, especially if you are buying expensive clothes. People find hard to understand when they cross the line, because clothing buying is one of the aspects embedded in the global capitalist culture. If all your friends are telling you that you are a shopaholic when it comes to buying clothes, then you should take into consideration that fashion is taking over your life. You should not let your buying habits control your life, because you will reach to a point when you will be overwhelmed by how many clothing items you have in your house. Also, this obsession can be financial daunting, because if you spend too much on clothes you will not have the needed finances for essential things like food and bills.

You have to recognise that you have a problem

The most important step in in fighting an addiction is to recognise that you are dealing with a problem. If you do not know if your shopping habit has taken new levels, you should check the following signs, because if you experience them, you are probably obsessed with shopping clothes.

  • You are shopping clothes when you are feeling angry, lonely or upset
  • You have arguments with your loved ones because they consider that your shopping behaviour is out of control
  • You feel euphoric when you are making purchases
  • You are constantly purchasing clothes
  • You are spending more than you can afford on clothes
  • You had to rent a self storage Merrilville because you no longer had room inside the house, to store your clothes

Understand what the long term effects of shopping are

In order to stop your addiction you will have to understand what the long and short-term effects of this habit are.

  • If you will spend over your budget, you will soon face financial trouble.
  • You will end up having clothing items you do not need, there are often the cases when a shopaholic leaves the house with the purpose to buy a single clothing item, and returns with multiple bags.
  • You will have to hide your shopping habits from your loved ones, because they will start judging you when they will find out the proportions it took.
  • You will feel helpless when the amount of clothes will start to grow because you will not be able to wear them all and store them properly.

Try to understand what it triggers you this behaviour

The best way to stop your addiction is to identify its cause. You should start keeping a journal to understand your feelings before leaving the house for shopping. Sometimes is the environment you are living in, other times is the advertisement you see on TV or online, or even a certain feeling you have.

Do not go shopping alone

If you have difficulties in deciding what clothing items you should buy, you should ask one of your friends to accompany you when you go shopping. Tell them what you need, and they will help you prevent spending excessively. Asking for help is the best way to fight your shopping addiction.