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Fashion and cars: how to exude style while driving


Despite popular belief, your well developed fashion sense does not reflect only when you talk, walk and dress, but also when you drive. Of course, if you wear stylish outfits and eye-catching accessories while being behind the wheel, you inevitably captivate all the attention of people surrounding you. More exactly, pedestrians will not resist the temptation of turning their heads when you pass with your customized vehicle. If you drive a convertible, then you logically think about your hair and make-up because these details will stand out. However, if you drive a normal vehicle and you keep the windows closed, people will only be able to admire the exterior of your simple car. Therefore, if you saw the 2018 Toyota 4runner for sale and you could not resist buying it simply because you had a tight budget and it also exudes power and suits your adventurous spirit, then you have some changes to do.

Transform your car using your fashion sense

First, just because your vehicle came with a lower price than expected, it does not mean that it should look cheap or dull. You should know that you can challenge your fashionable inner self and give a total makeover to your currently normal and visually unappealing car. There are plenty of elements that you can add to your car in order to change its appearance, both inside and outside. Starting from the license plate, steering wheel and seat covers and ending with the mirror charms, air fresheners and even your Smartphone holder, the truth is that you can transform these elements without investing great amounts of money. For instance, the steering wheel represents one of the first things passengers notice when they get into your vehicle so you can decorate it with a cover that has a very interesting print or even a furry one. Other people choose to decorate the interior of their cars with crystals or rhinestones. If you want to keep it simple, you can place a freshener with a flowery fragrance and subtle decorative items on the dashboard. The reality is that you have endless options.

Do not forget about the driver, namely yourself

You do not have to focus solely on the vehicle and overlook your own aspect. You can look fabulous if you add some striking elements to your outfits when driving. We are talking about some big fashionable glasses, driving gloves, which are ideal for the winter season and key chains that really express your personality. Carry these accessories around and your style will be just as captivating as your car.