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Frequently Asked Questions about Diamonds

For most people, buying a diamond is an exciting, new and even difficult experience. Choosing the perfect gemstone is not something easy to do, but remember that understanding its characteristics will help you a lot. This means that if you are thinking about buying such piece of jewellery, you should be aware of the importance of diamond education. Learn a couple of things about this matter, because you are about to make a considerable investment. Choose a reliable platform, such as, which offers you all the details you need about each product, and make an informed decision. To get started right away, read below some of the most popular questions people ask, and their brief answers.

What is the diamond cut and why does it matter?

A diamond’s cut is the manner in which it has been carved from the original gemstone and says a lot of things about the professionalism of the manufacturer. The cut is the definite factor for the brilliance of the stone – the better the cut, the shinier the diamond. Of course, the smallest differences cannot be noticed with the naked eye, which is why there are special systems and devices used to measure the cut and establish the angles and proportions. In case the gemstone has irregularities, these will change the way light is reflected, the shine will decrease and also the value of the product. That is mainly why the cut is one of the most relevant features of precious gems.

How does fluorescence affect the colour of a diamond?

Although most people think diamonds are completely translucent, this is not actually true. Their hues vary from colourless to light brown or yellow, and can be tested with specialised devices. Some gemstones may even have the ability of producing a visible effect when exposed to ultra violet radiation, which is commonly known as fluorescence. However, this characteristic is not extremely relevant, since no connection can be established between it and the diamond’s overall appearance. What you should know is that stones with a higher degree of fluorescence are considered rarer, and thus are more expensive on the dedicated market.

Does clarity influence the diamond’s brilliance?

Clarity is one of the 4 Cs (cut, clarity, colour and carat) buyers should know about before buying precious jewellery. This feature refers to the number and size of tiny irregularities that appear in almost any natural object. Inside a tiny diamond, imperfections tend to be microscopic, which is why it takes a special device to identify them. In case these are too big, the gem is likely to lose its shine, but with a flawless cut, almost any irregularity can be hidden. Although clarity does not affect a gemstone’s beauty or the way it looks, it is considered a relevant characteristic since it influences its value and price. On the other hand, unique imperfections can even increase the value of a diamond.