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Guide to selecting the right plastic surgeon


Being unpleased with a certain aesthetic flaw can lead to a state of unhappiness and frustration. This is the reason why so many people decide to undergo plastic surgery, and fix something that might have been affecting one’s self esteem and confidence. If you have finally made the decision to change something about your body that has been causing you confidence issues, the next step is finding yourself an experienced plastic surgeon. Although this task might not seem so complicated at first, considering the impressive number of offers available, you should not take this decision lightly, because not all clinics on the market provide the same level of service quality and not all surgeons are equally reliable. In order to make a good choice, try to think through the following aspects:

Make sure they are board-certified

The first thing you should do is make sure the surgeon has all paperwork in order to perform this type of surgery. This means finding out if they are board-certified in plastic surgery, and more exactly in the type of plastic surgery you are interested in. Although this step is an obvious one, there are many patients who fail to do their research and end up being consulted by a specialist who does not have all the qualification required, and thus face further complications. You can also check the specialist’ record, to see if there are any cases of malpractices or other disciplinary actions that may cause you concerns. Find records is not complicated, being usually posted online.


If this is your first plastic surgery, you probably want everything to go smoothly, and for the results obtained to be satisfactory ones. Well, the longer a surgeon has been practicing these types of procedures, the more spectacular their work will automatically be. Because the competences of a surgeon increase with years of practice, experience can be an aspect that makes all the difference. For how long have they been working as a plastic surgeon? How many people have they operated on? These are important questions to ask right from the start, and this way you will be preventing yourself from dealing with any potential risks, complications or inconveniences.

Vast portfolio

If you are interested in breast enlargement surgery or perhaps in rhinoplasty, you probably want to see the work of the surgeon for yourself, before actually booking a consultation. Well, a surgeon who has been practicing for a long period of time, has the experience necessary and is characterized by reliability and professionalism will be able to put at your disposal a portfolio that contains the majority of their work. Seeing some before and after photographs, will allow you to conclude if the surgeon’s work rises up to your requirements, or if you should search for another alternative. Usually, plastic surgery clinics will have enough before and after pictures posted on their website, but if you are unable to find any, simply ask the surgeon directly to present their portfolio to you.

Patient communication

Even if it might seem irrelevant at first, collaboration with a surgeon who does not value proper communication with their patients can be a mistake. Because you might not know all the ins and outs of this procedure, it will give you peace of mind to receive all the information you need from your surgeon in advance. Being consulted by a specialist who is friendly and eager to help you understand the procedure better, including post-operatory implications, will make the entire process easier for you. So, try to choose someone who knows how to communicate with their patients the proper way.

Deciding to undergo plastic surgery is certainly not the easiest choice to make, so to make the entire experience as positive as you desire, resorting to the right plastic surgeon is a must. Considering the extensive range of options available, selecting a specialist or another requires a bit of research from your part, and the aspects mentioned above are the most important ones to analyse when you are trying to find the best option. As long as you take into account these few relevant selection criteria, you will manage to resort to a surgeon that will not fail to meet your expectations.