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Highlights of the 2016 Milan Fashion Week

You can’t keep up with the latest fashion trends if you miss one of the biggest fashion shows on Earth. The 2016 Milan fashion week provided fashion enthusiasts with a lot of memorable moments and set a lot of bold trends for this year. If you want to get an update on the highlights of the 2016 Milan fashion week, read the following lines.

Grunge play for No. 21

Alessandro Dell’Aqua from No. 21 managed to steal the spotlight on the first day of the Milan fashion week. It was all about the grunge play with the attires that the famous designer put together. To avoid the grunge play that he put together to become stale, the designer inserted some modern updates to the style. Next to the classic grunge themes that he used, Alessandro Dell’Aqua added furs and buckled flats to take it out of the ordinary and upgrade the look. One of the best outfits put together by this amazing designer is the one in the picture that is shown above. The buffalo check coat with rhinestone strap details popped against the blue silk skirt to create an outrageously fabulous and unique look.

Rockstar look from Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli always leaves a mark on the Milan fashion week. This year, through Peter Dundas’s rockstar inspired collection Cavalli managed to once again leave everyone speechless. The unique attires put together by Peter Dundas consisted of solid-colored jackets, tiger print furs, psychedelic embroidered pants, boots with high platforms, among other hippie and rock fashion influences. Of course, the models played a big role in the runway as well. Due to their gorgeous long hair that fits perfectly with the theme and to their overall appearance, they managed to make every single attire be the talk of the night.

Seeing double with Alberta Ferretti

Using twin models or pairing up models who look alike for the runway makes for unforgettable moments in fashion shows. In 2016’s Milan fashion week the renowned Alberta Ferretti used the twin card to her advantage and made critics and people admire her choice of exposition. The two models were dressed in embroidered long, soft pink shade gowns that had floral thematics. The fact that the two women walked the runway side by side in their matching dresses added to the sweet and sexy look of the dresses. After all, there’s no better combination in a gown than the sweet and sexy look, and Alberta Ferretti really nailed the perfect exposition with these two pieces.