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Hot underwear trends for men


If it were to look at the fashion magazines from the past, you would not find even an article about men underpants. They were not an interesting subject for fashion designers, and men only wanted to wear something comfortable. However, nowadays gentlemen know that they have multiple options from which to choose when it comes to socks, shirts and boxers. So if you want to take your wardrobe to the next level, this may be the moment to visit a website like, because they list the best models of underwear you can find on the market now. If in the past, your mom or wife would be the one who would buy you underwear, now you know that it is an important clothing piece, and you want to make sure that you wear a fashionable model. Here are the best underwear trends of the year.

Geometrical patterned boxers

This year underwear gets bright and printed, so you should have at least a pair of this type of boxers. But, you should make sure that you stay away from the plaid or stripe patterns, because they are so last year, you should choose a geometric print in a combination of bold colors. You should try one of the geometric prints that feature mosaic detail or sharp lines, because they are unique patterns, and they are perfect for the modern gentleman. You can find on the market different models and colors, so the choice is up to you, if you want to buy a pair in neon colors or with an ethnic flair.

Pink underwear for romantic dates

If you want to get ready for a romantic date, then you should forget about the Valentine’s cards and chocolate hearts, because you can wear pink underwear. There are multiple reasons why you should wear pink underwear at a romantic date. Your date will not consider it as erotic as a red pair of boxers, but she will definitely appreciate that you made the effort to get ready for the event. Also, you should know that if usually you wear nude and black underwear, your partner will find quite funny if you opt for something new, and she will be surprised.

Active accents are a new trend

Active accents are highly meet when it comes to the latest models of men underwear. Therefore, you will find on the market boxers made from premium fabrics and they include temperature and odor control features. If you want to buy a pair made from premium fabric, then you should choose a cotton and poly blend, cotton and spandex blend, or spandex. Also, there are some models on the market that feature moisture wicking. This type of underwear is perfect for you, if you are an active man, because the boxers will draw moisture from your body, and it will push it to the surface of the material, to evaporate more quickly. You can find fashionable models of underwear, than have this feature and that come in a wide variety of colors. These boxers are perfect for the man who hits daily the gym, or who has an active schedule.