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Kids and Sunglasses: 3 Marketing Tips

At the Salt Lake City, Utah headquarters of Olympic Eyewear, they are always looking for ways to help support the loyal retailers who purchase discount designer sunglasses from them. Olympic’s efforts include stocking new inventory that retailers can move quickly and promptly. Take kids sunglasses, for example.

Sunglasses for kids sometimes get overlooked until little Johnny or Susie actually starts complaining about the sun being too bright. As a parent, why wait to hear the complaints? It is just as important to protect your kids’ eyes as it is your own. You could even make the case that sunglasses for kids are more important given their eyes are still growing and developing.


Be that as it may, Olympic Eyewear has a few marketing tips for retailers looking to sell kids sunglasses. The tips listed below serve two purposes: getting kids interested in wearing sunglasses and alerting their parents to the fact that their children need eye protection.


1. Bright Colors and Bold Shapes


Parents know their kids are all about bright colors and interesting shapes. The younger a child is, the more color and shape are important. So for the youngest of the young, retailers should be stocking their inventory with the kinds of styles that excite kids. Bright reds, pinks, and greens are at the top of the list. Shapes can be anything from generic things like hearts to those intended to remind wearers of their favorites like that famous California mouse or the cartoon kitty that likes to say hello.


Older kids, like teenagers, are into the bright colors too. Different shapes are probably not appealing, so typical rectangles, squares, and ovals would be sufficient.


2. Pairing with Other Merchandise


One of the more creative ways to market kids’ sunglasses is to pair them with other merchandise. For example, some of the popular theme parks in central Florida combine sunglasses and hats in a single package. Often, the other merchandise matches the sunglasses in terms of color and style. Retailers can pair sunglasses with hats, water bottles, swimsuits, beach towels, or just about anything else kids would use in the sun.


To reach parents, it might be a good idea to pair kids sunglasses with those for adults. Creating an entire family pack is yet another idea. By combining multiple pairs of sunglasses into a set, retailers can motivate parents to buy kids sunglasses and save them a little money at the same time.


3. Choose the Right Locations


Retailers who have the luxury of being able to move around will be the most effective marketers when they locate in places where sunglasses are most needed. For example, how many parents do not realize the kids have not brought their sunglasses until after they arrive at the beach? Setting up a kiosk or temporary booth nearby is a great move.


Local festivals are another great place to sell. And, of course, retailers living in tourist spots should be looking at flea markets and other available opportunities. The idea here is that you are banking on kids either forgetting their sunglasses or not having any at all when the family arrives for a week in the sun.


Olympic Eyewear says that kids’ sunglasses offer a lot of potential for the retailer. If you are already buying bulk sunglasses from a wholesaler like Olympic, a good selection of products for the kids should be part of your inventory. Kids sunglasses are available in all the latest shapes as well as the brightest of colors that kids usually go for. There is a pair of sunglasses out there for every kid.