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Matching Your Hair Color to Your Skin Tone

When it comes to the hair color, it’s best to not follow the trend, but rather choose a color that suits your skin tone. The right hair color will give your appearance an enormous boost and it will make you look revitalized. Therefore, to have a great look at all times, read the following lines to learn which hair colors match your skin tone the best.

Dark skin tones

No matter the exact shade of your skin tone, if it’s a dark skin tone you should stay away from flashy hair colors like red or blonde. The contrast between the color of the skin and the color of the hair is too powerful. Therefore, go with colors that actually match and complement your skin tone. The perfect choices for women who have dark skin tones are brown and black shades. They match the skin’s color and give off a natural look. If you go with a chocolate brown color for your hair you can add cinnamon or dark gold highlights to make the hair color pop out.

Pale or medium skin tones

Women with pale or medium skin tones usually make the mistake of going with bright blonde colors for their hair. Due to the pale skin and hair color, they fade away in the background everywhere they go. Instead of going for a bright blonde, choose honey blonde or beige blonde to give yourself some color. Another great choice for your hair color if you have a pale or medium skin tone is red. If you choose natural tones of red you will be the belle of the ball everywhere you go. Red hair attracts attention easily and all eyes will be on you for going with this exotic and appealing hair color.

Olive skin tones

The olive skin tone has a very soothing look due to its golden undertones. Women with this skin tone look very sweet and natural. Therefore, the hair color has to complement the skin tone perfectly to maintain the sweet appearance. If you have an olive skin you can go with honey blonde, chestnut, auburn, ash, violet red, mocha, copper, or platinum for the base color of your hair. To make your look spicier, add some warm red colored highlights if you went with the honey blonde, chestnut, auburn, or mocha color for the base. No matter the choice you make, if you stick with these colors you will evidentiate your skin tone in a great way.