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Must Have Street Style Items for a Trendy Spring

Street style is a recent phenomenon that has taken a life of its own, becoming as influential as runaway shows from famous designers. The beauty of street style is that it is very versatile and it is made not for models, but for regular women. It is comfortable, it doesn’t require a skinny silhouette and it is a great way to express one’s personality. Despite the fact that this fashion concept is very versatile, there are some major trends which have become popular around the world. If you want to wear some modern street style outfits, you will need to invest in the following accessories:

Fishnet tights

Fishnets used to be worn only with stilettos and they used to be associated with sensual looks, but this is no longer the case. These tights have become very popular, due to countless street style photos posted online. They can be worn in numerous ways, but they look best with ripped jeans; be they skinny jeans worn with high heels or boyfriend jeans worn with sport shoes. Fishnets are so popular, that they can even be worn as socks with sandals, which takes us to the next must have accessories:

Crazy socks

Wearing colored socks with sandals and skirts was a popular trend a few years ago, but it quickly faded. With the exception of that trend, and the timeless preppy socks, these accessories were worn mostly for practical reasons. However, nowadays, socks have finally earned their rightful place in our wardrobe. For trendy summer looks, get ready to invest in all types of socks: colorful cotton socks, silk socks, fishnet socks, lurex socks and many more. If you don’t mind wearing a pair of socks only once, go crazy and wear them over a pair of stilettos for an eccentric look.

The leather motorcycle vest

Leather jackets will never go out of style, but unfortunately, the heat prevents us from wearing them in the spring and the summer. However, if you want to add a biker vibe to your outfit, you can try a leather motorcycle vest. These vests are a great layering solution for spring and summer. They look best when worn with pants and with a contrasting shirt (black vests with white shirt and white vest with black shirt), but they can be worn in different types of outfits.

Fur loafers

Now this is not as much a trend as it is an obsession. We are talking about a single shoe model that has taken over the world this spring: Gucci’s fur loafers, which are technically a combination between loafers and mules. Fur shoes have had short appearances in the fashion world and they never lasted more than half a season. However, now we are not talking about a volatile trend, but about a statement designer piece. Fur loafers may not reach the popularity standard of the Channel Boy Bag, but they will probably be around for a few seasons, so they are a wise investment.