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The stages of addiction recovery – improve your coping skills

Addiction is difficult to handle, regardless of your individual situation. You will go through experiences that might be truly overwhelming at the moment. Drug abuse comes with a series of symptoms that can’t be ignored. This means that the efforts involved in the recovery process are quite considerable. The immediate effects of drug use involve a high level of energy, dizziness, lack of appetite, insomnia, sleeping disorders, obsessive-compulsive behavior, panic and paranoia and many more. The symptoms vary depending on the substance that caused addiction. Addiction is a chronic effect of using certain substances. Addiction can be either physical or psychical. Psychological therapy is a major step forward in terms of overcoming addiction. After this one is completed, some stages occur.

Early acknowledgement

Depending on the severity of the addiction and the manifestations which are associated with it, the person who is addicted to the substances can start the treatment as soon as the problem is acknowledged. Admitting that you have a problem with the substance you are using is the first step in a long recovery process. It is recommended that anyone who is struggling with addiction should see a professional therapist at least for a few sessions before starting the actual treatment scheme.

Taking action

Next, you have to start acting against your problem. First, find drug rehab centers that offer extensive programmes for getting rid of your addiction. This is the moment when recovery truly begins and you’ll have to face some effects of it. This is also called the exploratory stage, when you get used with the information related to the recovery process and what living a sober life feels like. This is the step when you choose the treatment option you prefer, the rehab center and the programme you want to follow.

Early recovery

The early recovery stage is the part when some risks are involved. Why? Because you will find yourself at a time of great vulnerability. The need to use the substances again will be very accentuated during this step. You might backslide back to your addiction. It is a problematic stage because it involves starting over and over again until the recovery process sticks with you. This is the moment when you start developing your coping skills and you include healthier habits into your life.

Active recovery

Finally, the active recovery stage involves maintaining what you’ve learnt and the habits you mastered in the long run. Continuing to avoid triggers, to practice your new coping skills, to look for new treatment schemes will keep you away from slipping back to addiction. Finding the best holistic rehabs for battling addiction could change the way you perceive the recovery process. Being open to new methods to stay away from substance use will keep you engaged in your transformation. Staying alert to temptation is a must throughout your whole life from this moment on. It entirely depends on you how effective the rehab is.