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Three ways to include ribbons in your wedding

Brides and ribbons are those types of things you just cannot separate. Try as you might, you will not succeed. There is a natural attraction between the two. If you are preparing for a wedding, as a guest, use your time and make a quick analysis. See how often you can spot ribbons and not necessarily worn by guests such as yourself. These lovely little items are so small and delicate that you don’t exactly notice at first, but once you see them, it is hard to take your eyes off. If you are the bride to be, with a special love for wedding ribbons, you might find the following pieces of information as rather helpful. Here are three different ways to use bows and ribbons in your special event, ways that might surprise your guests, in a positive manner.


1. Welcome guests in ribbon-y way!


Some bridal couples like being involved in the festivities. They take great price in their wedding and are more than happy to share this joy with their guests. So, instead of waiting for guests to come to them, they go towards the guests. And they don’t waste any time in doing so. Each holding a glass of champagne, the couple welcomes guests as soon as they arrive. One very simple way of slipping a delicate, white satin ribbon is to wrap them around your glass. These will emphasis the idea of celebration and most importantly, of pure, genuine love.


2. Let your bridesmaids carry them


Spoiled brides know how to really savour this beautiful day and enjoy the company of their bridesmaids. Why shouldn’t they? In the end, this is the moment they will look back on with great happiness and satisfaction, hopefully. Usually bridesmaids carry a bouquet. Instead, you could ask them to wear lovely hand accessories, like flower corsages, made with ribbons or bows, of different sizes and colours. Given the many wedding ribbons UK providers are offering you, designing a special hand corsage for each one is doable. This way, everywhere the bridesmaid goes, the ribbon will follow.


3. Welcoming the ribbon girl


Before the bride enters the chapel, the tradition says that a beautifully dressed little girl needs to set the road for her by spearing hand picked flowers and throwing them around. Although the tradition itself is romantic and absolutely delightful, seeing all those flowers go to waste is a bit sad. What you could do instead is be creative and choose bows over flowers. In fact, these don’t have to be plain white ribbons. They could be personalised ones, bearing your name, alongside that of your groom. Leave a mark of your union that will stay with you forever, as ribbons never fade away.