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Types of women according to the clothes that they wear


According to studies, women are more and more demanding when it comes to the clothes they wear and they also invest a significant part of their budget in these types of items. This also happens due to the fact that there is an unwritten rule which says that women should not wear the same clothes more than once in the same week. But, this is not all. It is also believed that the clothes a woman wears tell a lot about her personality. Moreover, there are people who classify women according to their fashion style and here they are the most important three categories.

The chic elegant lady


That woman who always wears dresses, skirts and elegant trousers is always regarded by others as a very sophisticated person. But it does not mean that she is delicate too. Usually, those who prefer a more elegant style are the ones who trust their own powers and who want to become successful. They usually work in business companies or they are put in some leading positions such as mangers or directors. Also, elegant ladies are usually regarded as being very creative.


If you want to be that type of woman you have to invest in the following items: a black overcoat which can be worn in various combinations, a little black dress, a pair of beige or dark green large trousers and vintage blouses with sophisticated collars and baggy sleeves. And if you ask for recommendations, you can try StyleWe website a place that will make you fall in love with its beautiful fashion items.

The lady who loves casual style


Those who prefer trousers instead of skirts or dresses are considered casual type persons. And they also have a lot of qualities. They are friendly, nice and very sociable. They usually like to organize events such as parties or exhibitions and they like to be surrounded by people who have the same preferences like them.


If you feel like you can identify with this type of women, you should also visit StyleWe and invest in some items like: hoodies, sweatshirts, midi skirts, jumpsuits and more.


The delicate woman who wears vintage clothes


If you enjoy wearing clothes which look like the ones from 30’, 60’ or 80’, you are more a vintage type. Usually, those women who love vintage clothes are considered delicate, due to the fact that they prefer floral and colorful patterns. Sometimes they can be rather shy, but they are also nice and friendly. On the other hand, there are some who say that vintage clothes are for those who are wasteful too, due to high prices of the items that they prefer wearing. But this is not a general rule. Last but not least, women who are interested in wearing vintage clothes can also be considered persons who prefer to invest in quality.


If you want to adopt the vintage style, you should read about the trends from those years and try to invest a lot in items which are famous there. A good recommendation for you, if you want to go to a party is a dress which looks like the one which was worn by Marylyn Monroe.