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Using ribbon as a handbag accessory

Regardless of what type of outfit you wear, it will not be a complete and stylish look without having the perfect handbag. However, matching this item to the rest of your outfit can seem difficult, if you do not own more than 3 or 4 purse designs, and investing in handbags with regularity is an expensive habit. Well, you have another solution to opt for – using ribbon as a purse accessory. Nowadays, you can find online an extensive selection of beautiful and qualitative ribbons, offered by online stores such as The Ribbon Room, which can be used as a clothing, hair, or handbag accessory. Here are a few ideas to start with:

Using a strap of ribbon as a handle

A thick strap of grosgrain ribbon can easily replace a convention handbag handle. If you have an old, black purse you are not very fond of, you can give it a new appearance with this simple trick. With this tip, you can wear one single black purse with endless outfits, all you have to do is replace the ribbon handle with another one, in order to match the rest of your look. This idea will save you from worrying that your tote does not go with what clothes you are wearing.

Ribbon insertions

Another idea would be to create a cute geometrical pattern, in bright colours, by sewing small squares of ribbons on a handbag. This way you will be creating an unconventional purse, which can be worn with numerous casual outfits. However, keep in mind that the ribbon needs to be of high quality in order for it not to give your handbag a cheap appearance.

Ribbon bow for a chic effect

If you are looking for an even easier idea, then adding a ribbon bow is the fastest and simplest one you have. Just take a piece of ribbon of your choice, tie it into a bow and sew it on one of the handle’s edges. In less than a minute, you will accessorize your tote in a stylish and girly way.

One single handbag can be worn in various outfit combinations, if you just accessorize it in a stylish and unique way with ribbon. Now that you have a few ideas on how to personalize your purse using this element, all you have to do is purchase the right ribbon supplies. Make sure you have ribbons in various patterns and colours, so you can give your handbag an entirely fresh appearance whenever you want.